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We promote Peace, Prosperity, Healthy Living, Poverty reduction and planet preservation. Help us to observe all things and rightly divide the word of truth!

Welcome to the Healthy Living Ministries, a Non-Denominational online Ministry committed to supporting cell groups by sharing the Divine Prosperity Business Model. I am inspired to share this Divine revelation that brings hope to those faced with financial challenges. This new Business Model is inspired, and the foundation is built on  Faith, Wisdom, and Understanding!

We believe in God’s promise of prosperity. Our mission is to promote our faith and reduce poverty by teaching the Divine Prosperity Business Model. Financial blessings are in reach for those in need and are willing to learn and follow the business model at myhlnet.com.

We understand that human needs are similar, regardless of color or religion; most people have the basic desire to be happy and avoid suffering. We spend our lives working hard for fulfillment and have made progress, but we help ourselves better when helping others. This Divine revelation helps to reduce poverty and misery in our world while sharing the wealth.

Since the beginning of time, humans have worked hard to improve their external conditions to achieve happiness and find solutions for their problems. Unfortunately, human suffering continues to increase while happiness and peace decrease. This clearly shows that we need to find new solutions for this age-old problem to fulfill God’s promise to us.

Divine Promise, Protection, and Instruction: Psalm 23 and Matthew 6: 9 > 13. We are committed to bringing awareness to oppressive business models that can deny us our pursuit of happiness. 



The story, more than 20 years, I was faced with many challenges. I almost crossed over.  I exercised my faith and received the will to continue. I gained many revelations, including the Divine Prosperity Business Model.

The Divine Prosperity Business Model revealed that every home is a sanctuary and business that can be used to reduce poverty, pay HOA fees, mortgages, student loans, car payments, retirement plans, and burdensome debt. We can retire early, allowing us time to do the things we love, strengthen our families, promote healthy communities, and bring awareness to our daily challenges. Learn more about the Divine Prosperity Business Model at myhlnet.com. Get connected and start your journey to financial freedom today!

I trust our faith will guide us as we unite to promote the spirit of good and the will to work for a common cause. Our goal is to make our world a better place for the present and future generations.

We respect and support our government and religious leaders and hold them to a high standard to work for the nation!

H. Morrison
Healthy Living Ministries

Please sign this petition and send the link to your friends and family to raise awareness of this system. http://www.petition2congress.com/18922/end-hoa-...d-as-legal-business. Thank you.