With faith, my brothers and sisters have increased different types of cancer and chronic stress-related illnesses. The individuals, their families, and those involved share the burden of care and financial responsibilities, often draining financial resources. The good news is, there is a financial business model at that can help!

The more we can learn about what causes cancer, the more likely we can find ways to prevent it.  Scientists continue to explore possible causes of cancer and determine exactly what happens in cells when they become cancerous.  Researchers also study cancer patterns in the population to look for risk factors and conditions that increase cancer risk. They also look for protective factors, things that decrease the risk of cancer.

>While living in Pembroke Isles HOA, I had two cancer surgeries, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and other stress-related symptoms.  Based on my experience Pembroke Isles Home Owner Association, a Lennar Homes Development located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, contributed to my illness. 

This HOA community uses gate restriction, trespass warning, false violations, and denial of basic services to force homeowners to accept and agree to their business model.  A business model was created to deplete residents' homes' equity and savings and eventually take their homes.  At least one homeowner was arrested and charged with criminal mischief while trying to get to his home.  Street and gate restriction will be the system for the future if we do nothing to raise awareness. To learn how this type of HOA can affect your health, please visit and This type of HOA is unhealthy, fraudulent, and a type of modern slavery.

For information about our financial business opportunity, please visit; you don’t have to go through your experience alone.

H. Morrison
Cancer Support Group

Please sign this petition and send the link to your friends and family to raise awareness of this system., thank you.