Understanding our Faith and our World

Our Mission: To promote Peace, Prosperity, Faith, Healthy Communities, and Planet Preservation. We strive to reduce Poverty by teaching the Divine Prosperity Business Model Member’s Referral Program at Myhlnet.com. Taking action to admonish poverty, based on Luke 4:18.

HLNet Ministries are non-denominational Ministries committed to partnering with faith based and other groups to reduce Poverty.                                          

My sisters and brothers with faith, we are citizens of the world. This world is our home, and a home is a sanctuary. Faith reveals the basic rights of our world promised by the higher power to all people regardless of race, color or religion.

Government was created to protect our basic rights. Releasing faith reveals access to prosperity, which is promised by the higher power. This promise can be realized with progressive business models, positive involvement by government and global communities. There is too much poverty in a world that has so many resources.                                                                                                                                        

The time to get involved is now! The future is brighter for our world when we contribute, and more people succeed. We must keep hope alive by exercising our knowledge and teaching the importance of balancing faith and work. There is a business model that rewards us when we help others. Join this faith and work movement at Myhlnet.com!

We are inspired to find solutions to reduce poverty and help solve global problems.                                                                                           

The Divine Prosperity Business Model Member’s Referral Program at Myhlnet.com is the work of faith. This business model was revealed to guarantee prosperity for all who learn and follow the system. Join this faith and spiritual movement by getting involved and experience God’s continued financial blessings. We look forward to sharing this information with those who desire financial freedom.

Please don’t forget … Poverty is not cool... join www.myhlnet.com today and be a part of the Member's referral, Wealth creation business model!



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We respect and support our government and religious leaders, but also hold them to a high standard to work for the nation!